who i am:
I hope you've already learnt a little bit about me, how I think and how I design from browsing this portfolio, but allow me to tell you more...
I'm someone who enjoys the small things in life. Whether it's spending time with friends, listening to Hamish and Andy podcasts or getting stuck in an endless YouTube video loop of dogs wearing socks (have a look, you won't be disappointed). As a designer, I try to incorporate something that makes people smile - from designing a chair that tells people to 'get on up' through memes in the hope of reducing sedentary behaviour, to creating a mock campaign about symbol equality - I mean, why should the # get all the attention?
I believe that design is equally about creating an experience for the user, aesthetics and functionality.
Since the start of 2019, I've worked as a Junior Industrial Designer with a fast-paced sheet metal design and manufacturer. This role has given me the opportunity to learn a lot in a short period of time, working on concepts through to fully-resolved products for small one-off projects as well as large supermarket roll-outs. On top of gaining design and manufacturing experience, my role has involved industry-standard documentation, research, client/supplier relationship management, and much more.
who You are:
I'm looking for a new opportunity to develop my skills, expand my knowledge and use my current experience towards whatever lies ahead! 
I enjoy thinking sustainably, conceptualizing, turning ideas into a reality, creating smart "things", solving complex problems, and making work a fun place to be. 
If you think you suit me and I suit you, please get in touch!
You can find my LinkedIn to the left, or fill in the contact me form - I look forward to hearing from you. JR
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