The Swiss Army Key was one of the first ideas I turned into a prototype before studying Industrial Design. The idea behind it started from going on a lighthearted mission to reduce the amount of 'things' on my friends keyrings. The pitch I'd give them revolved around creating less bulk in their pants pockets. 
That's where the Swiss Army Key came into the picture. A small, completely un-bulky gadget to hold a persons keys neatly in their pocket - with an added bonus that it's fun to flick!
To differentiate from other key organisers that have since come about, the user will be able to choose from a range of different casings to suit their personality. In the same way a person can match their phone cases to their taste, the user will be able to decorate their keys - leather, textured, anodized metal - it's about time keys got a little bit more designy!
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